A while ago I received a non-detailed  reception confirmation from Radio Emmeloord. Radio Emmeloord is temporarily on 747 kHz from the location Pietersbierum (Friesland) in the Netherlands. In fact, MCB Radio from Alphen aan de Rijn dominates the 747 kHz here, even during the clear day. But on Saturday evening November 20, 2021 around 15.00 UTC, Radio Emmeloord briefly passed through the MCB program: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qawumhufjkm3bvf/Radio%20Emmeloord%2C%20Pietersbierum%20747%20kHz%2020.11.21%20-%2016.00%20LT.mp3?dl=0. It was nice to hear that in the evening my report was discussed in the request plates program and I was also treated with a song from the 60’s from Flemish soil. ( = A recording of the Radio Emmeloord stream): https://app.box.com/s/58kklsrm3t13r6k6ny98fu2tthwdavdc.

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