On October 24, 2021 there was the annual traditional United Nation Morse broadcast of the “World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station – SAQ” in Sweden on the very low frequency 17.2 kHz. On this ‘Youtube’ link: https://youtu.be/ISW_h18oZvo you can see a short movie of the broadcast on my Perseus SDR receiver. It’s a recording at 14.56 (just before the official broadcast at 15.00 UTC). On this link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/pmc9gb6phk2tan4/SAQ%2017.2%20kHz%2024.10.21%20-%2015.00%20UTC.mp3?dl=0  you can listen to a mp3 audio recording with the message of this broadcast I have received in Veurne, Belgium with my 380 meter long Beverage antenna (without the Balun).

My 380 meter long Beverage antenna that I can set up during the winter months.

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