Reach Beyond Australia broadcast on the short wave from Kanunurra in Northwest Australia. I heard a broadcast in Hindi and Marwari, but they also provide English-language broadcasts. Reach Beyond Australia is always interested in reception reports. The address is b19(at)reachbeyond.org.au. Click on the link for the program schedule: https://www.reachbeyond.org.au/on-air/#broadcast-schedule. QSL Beach Beyond Australia




RFA -Radio Free Asia now also uses the medium wave transmitter from Radio Taiwan International on 1557 kHz. In the evening the station can be heard sometimes in Europe via this 300 kW transmitter in Kouhu, Taiwan! Here is a mp3 audio recording of October 14, 2019 at 20.00 UTC: Radio Free Asia, Kouhu, TWN 1557 kHz. 

QSL RFA 1557 kHz a

QSL RFA 1557 kHz b0006


Saq oct 2019

Join us in celebrating UN Day on October 24 at the World Heritage Grimeton!

This year, hundred years have passed since equal voting rights for men and women were introduced in Sweden. It is a human right that everyone can make their voices heard in fundamental issues and is prerequisite for creating a democratic and peaceful society.On this occasion, we want to raise the power of women in peace issues. Therefore the organization Acting 4 Change, that works with the project womens empowerment in Casamance in Senegal, is invited to talk about women’s participation in the peaceprocess from a Senegalese perspective.

During the evening, a peace message is sent with the old long-wave transmitter SAQ and finally we listen to Senegalese rhythms performed by Kilimandiarou.

The event is held in the radio station building with free admission. Arrive at the event on time, as there is a limited number of seats.

Tonight’s program 6 pm – 8 pm

Welcome – CEO Grimeton World Heritage, Camilla Lugnet

Women’s Participation in the Peace Process – Women’s Empowerment in Casamance – President Acting 4 Change, Linda Ohlsson*

The long wave transmitter is started – President Alexander GVV, Jan Steinbach

Peace message sent ** (17.00 UTC)

Concert with Kilimandiarou Welcome to an evening of signs of community and peace!

* More info about Acting for Change can be found here http://www.actingforchange.org

The arrangement is made possible with the help of project funds from Varberg Municipality.

More information about the transmission

The transmission is on 17,2 kHz CW.Startup of the transmitter around 16.30 UTC

Transmission of a message at 17.00 UTC

You can also watch a live video stream of the transmission on http://www.alexander.n.se.

No QSL-cards will be given this time and no List of Reports will be constructed but we accept shorter Listeners Report to e-mail info@alexander.n.se.

*The world heritage site Grimeton is a living cultural heritage. All transmissions with the long-wave transmitter SAQ are therefore preliminary and may be cancelled with short notice.


In the late evening of 11 July 2019 I could hear for the first time an identification from BBC Radio Foyle on 792 kHz: BBC Radio Foyle, Londonderry UK, 792 kHz . Radio Foyle broadcasts from Londonderry in Northern Ireland, UK with 1 kW. I sent my report with the postal services. The qsl’s that I received is a nice addition of my collection of BBC Local radio stations in the UK! Many thanks to Engineer Will R. for the confirmation, the key chains and the pencil case with all kinds of pencil supplies!

QSL BBC Radio Foyle a0004

QSL BBC Radio Foyle b

QSL BBC Radio Foyle c








Radio Space was on the air on shortwave 6070 kHz on September 7, 2019 with “The European Top 40 of the 80s”. For the occasion, airtime was rented at the short-wave station Radio Channel 292 in Germany. The same weekend they were also in the air locally for 3 days on 94.9 kHz. A YouTube recording of my Perseus SDR by the start of the short-wave broadcast is here: Radio Space 6070 kHz. A special QSL card was designed for the event on short wave.

QSL Radio Space - Hugo Matten, Belgium