Next weekend, on November 19th and 20th, Radio Igloo will be on air with a new program, also this time in co-production with the Westcoast DX-Club in Gothenburg, Sweden and sponsored by TRSW (Texas Radio Shortwave). The program will include DX-information about the Westcoast DX-Club and about The Swedish DX-Federation. The information, which is in English, will be mixed with lots of music performed by Swedish artists.

Correct reports, preferably with an attached audio clip, and with comments about the content of the program will be verified with the new QSL-card. The program will be broadcast on:

  • November 19 at 6-7pm UTC from Channel 292 on 3955 kHz. .
  • November 20 at 02.00-03.00 UTC from WRMI on 5950 kHz.
  • November 20 at 12:00-13:00 UTC from WRMI on 15770 kHz.

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