Recently I received an E-QSL + extensive information from “Medium-wave transmitter Joe” from Germany. Joe transmits an interrupted 1 kHz tone at night on 1476 kHz. I could hear them surprisingly well from 00.00 UTC on Sunday morning May 17, 2020 between the broadcasts of Carillon Wellbeing Radio station. Really nice DX is that, if you know that the power is only 6 watts and the distance is about 620 km! In the recording you first hear the identification of Carillon Wellbeing Radio, then Joe comes through bit by bit and finally disappears again: Medium Wave Transmitter Joe 1476 kHz.mp3.QSL Joe 1476 aQSL Joe 1476 b0006QSL Joe 1476 c

QSL Joe 1476 dQSL MW Transmitter Joe 1476 kHzAfstand Veurne - Funklust TX

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