On December 19, 2018 there were good medium-wave conditions towards the Far East. At 1278 kHz I could then receive JOFR from Fukuoka Japan with a beautiful signal and a clear identification: JOFR RKB 1278 kHz, Mainichi, Fukuoa, Japan.mp3.  I wrote my reception report to the address I found in the WRTH 2019: RKB Mainichi Broadc. Corp., 3-8, Momochihama 2-chome, Sawaraku, Fukuoka 814-8585, JAPAN. I received 4 weeks later a nice QSL card, a personal letter and a programme schedule:

qsl rkb 1278 khz japan0001

qsl rkb b 1278 khz japan0003qsl rkb c 1278 khz japan0007

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